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Travel is fun. But, when you think of traveling in a group with your family and friends, the fun is accentuated and your joys know no bounds. The world is such a huge place that you will love to explore all that has hitherto been unexplored. When you embark on a sojourn with a group, you become more knowledgeable and enlightened. You know the ways of the world and become experienced, ready to tackle things swiftly and appropriately.

Let’s enhance the joys of your group travel with our cheaply-priced group rates for flights. We want to help with your group reservation at best deals ever so that your adventure and vacation becomes highly enjoyable.

You can look up to FlyOfinder to fulfill all of your group travel needs with the expert assistance of our booking agents who will help you in finding the best group rates for flights booking. Be it corporate meetings, family reunions, destination weddings, alumni reunions, missionary travels, retreats, sporting events, family vacations, student group travel or bachelorette parties, you can rely on us for making your group travel plans affordable and a huge success.

Do you know that there are many benefits of group travel? Booking flights for large groups is possible when 10 or more people are traveling in a group. The airlines offering group travel bookings have their own individual terms and conditions. The seat cancellation can be done without penalty charge so long as the group remains intact at 10+ passengers. The deposits paid are refundable. Moreover, your group travel booking is flexible until 90 days prior to scheduled departure. A dedicated agent is also assigned for personalized service to your group.

With benefits like these and more, your group travel bookings can be a hassle free experience with us. The moment you approach us for your group reservation request, we start making efforts to find the best group travel deals and ensure big savings. Our efforts are directed to make you happy by matching your travel plans and destination so that you get the lowest prices in the best way possible.

Whether you are planning to travel in a big or small group, you can always look up to us for customized group travel packages. We believe in making extensive use of our buying power so that getting fantastic group travel discounts for you is easier and the possibility of your group remaining together on board the flight becomes stronger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book group airline tickets with popular OTA like FlyOfinder. We have expertise in booking flights for large groups while offering best discounted rates than all others in the travel industry. Flight bookings for individual passengers can be quite expensive when you are traveling in a big group. However, you can contact us directly by phone or email for your group reservation. Be assured to get cheap group flights whenever booking with us. Remember that traveling in a group of 10+ will help you in getting cheaper group travel flights.

Yes, booking group flights is often cheaper. You may do so by directly contacting us to get you discounted group rates. The discounts are generally offered when you are traveling in a group of 10 or more people together. Additionally, the airlines also offer group flights bookings, which though can be somewhat expensive when compared to those offered by OTAs. It’s therefore recommended that you should better book group flights through OTAs to make it considerably cheaper.

We usually make a group reservation for 10 or more people traveling together in a single group. However, if 25+ people in a group contact us for making reservation then group rates for flights will be even cheaper. As it is often said “The More the Merrier it will be”! And, the same is true when making flight bookings for a large group.

Yes, FlyOfinder makes group travel bookings on low-cost airlines as well. Some major low-cost carriers through which group flights bookings is possible include JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

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