Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to FlyOFinder.com website. The following terms and conditions stated herein govern the use of this website:

FlyOFinder doesn’t guarantee any reservations and airfares till the collection of paytments. Your debit card or credit card must have sufficient funds available from the time of booking till the final issuing of the ticket/s. The price quoted during the time of original booking or subsequent booking(s) will not be guaranteed if any problem arises during the processing of debit card or credit card either because of restrictions or lack of funds.

All tickets are non refundable and non transferable.

While making the reservation the customer needs to enter the first name and last name of each traveler exactly as denoted on government issued identification, such as passport, driver license or other acceptable forms of identification whenever required.

The total charge will be split into two parts – airfare and a non-refundable FlyOFinder.com booking fee. However, the combined total amount which has been initially quoted during the time of booking will be the same and duly authorized by you at the start of booking process. The booking fee will be included within the total fare wherever applicable.

The airline baggage fees are not included in the airfare when booking with FlyOFinder.com.

If you have purchased trip insurance with us then kindly contact our travel insurance partner directly for any claims, clarifications, cancellations or changes.

You are required to obtain and carry necessary travel documents whenever traveling to an international destination. These documents include passport, visa, and advance parole etc. Reviewing of travel restrictions for determining and obtaining all required travel documentation ahead of the originating travel date as may be necessary will be the sole responsibility of the traveler. Please note that neither FlyOFinder.com nor its agents will be responsible for providing any clarifications or answering specific questions pertaining to travel documentation requirements.

The customers are required to place their requests for exchange and cancellation at least four (4) hours before scheduled departure. If the airline fare rules associated with the ticket(s) permit then refund or exchange can be made for the original purchase price less the applicable airline penalties, plus any fare difference between the original fare paid and the fare associated with the new ticket(s). FlyOFinder.com will also be additionally charging a change/refund fees. We also want to make it abundantly clear that FlyOFInder.com doesn’t have any control over airline penalties associated with refunds or exchanges.

The value of a ticket will be completely lost if/when the customer associated with the ticket during any part of the travel fails to show up at the check-in counter or the booking is canceled at least 2-4 hours before scheduled departure or as required by specific airline rules.

The airline must be directly contacted by the customer for assistance whenever deciding to make last minute changes (within four hours of scheduled departure).

There are often multiple airlines involved during an international travel, and each airline has its own individual set of fare rules. However, if more than one set of fare rules are associated with the total fare, the most restrictive rules will be applicable to the entire booking.

FlyOFinder.com while providing travel management services wants to reiterate that it doesn’t guarantee or insure the services being provided by any supplier, the financial position of such suppliers or the reimbursement to you from any loss experienced as a result of the financial condition of such supplier.

FlyOFinder.com wants to clearly state that it is not responsible in any way or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, nonperformance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may arise due to neglect, or default or any other act or inaction of any supplier of travel products.

FlyOFinder.com will also not be responsible for any fluctuation in price or change in for any travel service, which occurs subsequent to payment for such service. Once tickets have been issued there may be a penalty involved for refunds. Discounts offered may vary depending on a number of factors including airlines utilized, class of service, destination, time of year (low, mid or high season), advance notice provided, and flight load.

Use of FlyOFinder.com website for Ticket Purchase

The use of FlyOFinder.com website is permitted to all those who have reached 18 years of age and legally eligible to enter into this agreement, and for the use of this website in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.

The user agrees to be financially responsible for his/her use of the FlyOFinder.com website (as well as for use of his/her account by others).

The user will be responsible for any bookings made by persons under his/her direction or control.

The user will confirm that all information supplied by him/her or on his/her behalf, or by members of his/her household is true and accurate whenever using this website.

The user agrees that the travel services reservations facilities of the FlyOFinder.com website will be used for making legitimate reservations or purchases for his/her or for another person for whom he/she is legally authorized to act.

The user also confirms that the traveler is not an unaccompanied minor. Without limitation, any exploratory, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand is prohibited.

The user/customer should also note that requests made for seat, meals, frequent flyer miles and other special requests will be treated only as a request. The airline however reserves the right to apply any revisions to the requested seat allocation without notification. We therefore advise that all requests must be verified only with the airline. FlyOFinder.com does not assure or guarantee that your meal, frequent flyer miles and other special requests will also be sent to and confirmed by the airline. We once again recommend that the airline will need to be contacted by you directly for confirming these requests.

The user agrees and understands that overuse or abuse of the travel services reservation facilities of the FlyOFinder.com website may result in him/her being denied access to such facilities.

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