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Barbados is one of the prosperous and more populous countries in the Caribbean region. It is renowned for its spectacular beaches and cricket, its national sport. A former British colony, it has a dual heritage with English and African influences, which are reflected in its dance and music. This wonderful Caribbean holiday hotspot is ready to offer you history, romance and adventure. Get ready to experience the gem island of the Caribbean with cheap flights to Barbados from FlyOfinder at great discounts. A thrilling, fun-filled vacation is awaiting you!

Capital: Bridgetown
Location: Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela, in the Caribbean region
Topography: Relatively flat, rising gently to central highland region
Population: 285,000
Total Area: 166 square miles or 430 sq km
Language: English (Bajan, an English-African dialect, is widely used)
Currency: Barbadian Dollar
Time Zone: Eastern Caribbean (UTC - 4)
Climate: Tropical Maritime

Where to Travel in Barbados?

Bridgetown: It is the capital and most populated city of Barbados. It’s a popular destination for tourists, where they can visit the garrison and the historic area, both of which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bridgetown is also an important port city, especially for cruise ships.

Speightstown: It is Barbados’ second most populated city, located along the coast, 12 miles north of Bridgetown. It was established in 1630 as the most important port city in the country. The rich history of this city is reflected in its architecture, with many historic, colonial buildings still standing.

Oistins: It is the third most populated city on the island, located in the southern region of the country in the Christ Church parish. Tourists also visit Oistins to take advantage of the quiet beaches, traditional dancing, and local fish fries.

Holetown: It is situated right in the heart of the tourist district on the country’s west coast. It is the location of the first settlement of Barbados in 1625. It is now home to many excellent restaurants, nightspots, hotels, shopping areas and residential areas.


Best Time to Visit Barbados

The months between December and early April are the best time for visiting Barbados. It is the driest part of the year, and the temperatures are also balmy at around 30 C daily.


How to Spend Your Vacation in Barbados?

Barbados is great destination where plenty of hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the interesting things for you during your vacation in Barbados.

  • Board the open Bajan Bus to see the very best of Barbados. It is an important part of Barbadian history and offers a wide range of sightseeing options
  • Visit the Museum of Parliament and the National Heroes Gallery. The interactive audio and video along with exceptional exhibits are fun for all ages 
  • Dive in at some of the pools in the Animal Flower Cave, situated in the parish of St. Lucy at the most northerly point of Barbados
  • Enjoy relaxing at the historic Andromeda Gardens. The variety of plants here are simply wonderful and unparalleled, and truly horticultural delight
  • Take Congaline Adventure Tour to visit the interiors of Barbados for seeing the rugged coastlines and scenic countryside
  • Wander through the beautifully landscaped Hunte's Gardens, where statues and antiques mingle with exotic plants, and classical music and gentle opera float in the air
  • Take the Island Safari to explore the hidden wonders of Barbados. It’s most loved and unforgettable excursions for tourists   


Travel Tips When Flying to Barbados

Are you planning to visit Barbados for a vacation? Here are some of the important tips to make your sojourn easier and hassle free.

  • Barbados is expensive, but this beautiful island isn’t still out of reach for budget travelers. Most of the historical and cultural attractions can be explored by walking
  • Don’t eat the Manchineel fruit, particularly when it gets wet. A toxic substance is secreted making it harmful for humans. You will get burn when it touches your skin
  • Wearing camouflage dresses should be avoided at all costs because they are only used strictly by their military government. If you unknowingly wear a camouflage designed shirt, shorts, shoes or bags then it will be taken away from you
  • Don’t wear leather clothes, especially in the dry season as it will melt in the sweltering tropical heat. Pack light clothing such as simple shirts, shorts, and sandals
  • Don’t smoke in some places such as historical sites, beaches and roads. If you want to smoke then make sure that you are allowed to do so in that particular place or else you will get into trouble
  • Topless sunbathing is prohibited. Homosexuality is also illegal
  • Barbados imports almost everything. Remember that the products and goods to be purchased by you will be expensive


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