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Europe is though the second-smallest continent in the world in terms of land area, but it's 50 or so countries simply unique in every way. The countries in Western Europe are flourishing and prosperous and great for family holidays, while the countries in Central and Eastern Europe are great for budget-conscious tourists.

A vacation in European continent is absolutely fascinating experience for everyone. Plan your trip right away by booking cheap flights to Europe with FlyOfinder and enjoy a memorable and thrilling holidays in this continent of extraordinary diversity.

The capital cities of European countries are captivating with their unique historical, architectural and cultural characteristics. Look forward to a wonderful European vacation with a wealth of holiday itineraries offered by FlyOfinder at best deals ever!

Top Attractions in Europe

Are you dreaming of a European vacation? Then start planning now and make your dream of a fascinating European holiday come true. Europe has to offer something for everyone – picturesque villages, mouth watering food, excellent nightlife, fabulous history, culture and charming atmosphere – you will find it all here.

Take a look at some of the top attractions and places you must visit during your European sojourn.

  • Paris: gorgeous, chic and utterly romantic city in France renowned for the iconic Eiffel Tower and other attractions
  • Andalusia: picturesque city in Spain dotted with wonderful sun-kissed beaches and timeless villages
  • Rome: the fabled Eternal City, best known for its historic Trevi Fountain, the magnificent Colosseum and delicious pizzas
  • Scandinavia: famous for its sleek, vibrant capitals, deep blue skies, breathtaking mountains, medieval settlements and stunning fjords, medieval settlements, breathtaking mountains
  • Prague: a magical fairy-tale town in Central Europe, renowned for its great historical beauty
  • Venice: best known for its vintage beauty, erotic atmosphere and sophistication, the City of Canals is going to mesmerize you endlessly
  • London: one of Europe’s most powerful and greatest cities, famous for attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, and more
  • Swiss Alps: dotted with majestic, snow-capped peaks, crystalline lakes, charming chalets and scenic villages
  • Iceland: famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, eerie landscapes, and staggering lagoons and glaciers
  • Florence: a spectacular open-air museum replete with masterpieces by the greatest Italian artists, this Italian city is artistic and one of the best looking cities in the entire world
  • Norway: hugely popular for its fjords, offers the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in Europe
  • Corsica: the Isle of Beauty renowned for its French mix of rich history, majestic mountains and wild beaches
  • Barcelona: a charming, cosmopolitan city in Spain is famous for its lively Mediterranean vibes, exquisite cuisine and magnificent architecture

Europe Facts File

Planning a holiday and looking for more information about Europe? Here are some of the interesting facts you should know about Europe before heading for a vacation.

  • There are 50 countries in Europe and five (5) territories yet to be fully recognized. However, there’s confusion among many people regarding the number of countries in Europe. Some say it’s 44, while according to others it’s 64. The numbers vary for the simple reason that there are some countries which are not wholly European such as Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey have their land areas in both Asian and European continents. Cyprus and Armenia put themselves in Europe but are closer to Asia geographically
  • Europe is home to some of the world’s richest countries, such as Iceland, Austria, Norway, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Some of the European countries also have the highest GDP per capita in the world
  • Europe was named after the Phoenician Princess Europa
  • Europeans love chocolate. More than 50% of the total world production of chocolate is sold in European countries and consumed by its residents. Switzerland tops the highest consumption per capita, followed by Germany
  • The first humans are believed to have arrived in Europe from Central and West Asia around 38,000 BC, also known as the Upper Paleolithic age. The highest number of Neanderthals was found in Europe
  • The Perucica forest located in the Sutjeska National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the last surviving rainforest in Europe. This primeval forest can be explored in the company of only trained rangers
  • About 70% of the total wine production in the world is from Europe, with France, Spain and Italy being the biggest wine producing countries in the continent
  • Europe is home to the world’s second most active volcano. The stratovolcano Mount Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily in Italy
  • Europe has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other continent in the world

Popular Countries in Europe

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