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Have you ever visited a new place in the United States and got awe-inspired? Adak Island in the State of Alaska is one such place you will like to visit and return more often. It’s a small destination with a population of only few hundreds, but it is nevertheless beautiful and simply captivating. Purchase cheap tickets to Adak Island to discover and explore this hidden destination like never before. This westernmost town in the United States will not only mesmerize you with its naval military past, but also help you explore the fabled Alaskan wilderness, and offer fishing and bird-watching opportunities. A vacation to Adak Island will be undoubtedly highly enjoyable with many unique things to do and experience.

Flying to Adak Island


Adak Island Airport

Airport Code


High Season

May to September

Low Season

October to April

Cheapest Month to Fly


Most Expensive Month to Fly


Best Time to Fly

May to September

Cheapest Day to fly


Most Expensive Day to fly


Cheapest Time of Day to fly


Most Expensive Time of Day to fly


Time Zone

Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time (GMT -9)

Best Things to See and Do in Adak Island

The black sands in Adak Island are a little eerie, but also make it a very beautiful destination to visit in Alaska. Situated at the fag end of the Andreanof Islands, the long spit of small islands reaching into the Pacific Ocean from Alaska’s southwest border, the abandoned naval base from the Cold War era also make Adak Island a little spooky place. An emerging tourist destination in Alaska, tourists are attracted to the breathtaking natural landscape of Adak Island, as well as its military history, abundant caribou herd and bird watching. It’s no wonder that this unique destination has lots to offer.

Visit the famous Adak National Forest and see its only cluster of 33 pine trees. Adak Island though has few trees, and the semi-official signage of the U.S. Forest system has honored with the sign of a “forest” since the early 60s – and, it’s all in good humour. This is surely a must visit attraction in Adak Island. 

The beautiful Horseshoe Bay located near the former Loran Station on the northern end of Adak Island is a major attraction for tourists, who take the help of a rope to descend the steep slope to the bottom. You will enjoy visiting this most scenic place in Adak Island. Another pastime for the tourists is hiking on Mount Moffett, the highest point in Adak Island.

 As you begin your exploration get ready to discover remnants of the Cold War era military base scattered throughout the town as well as the northern end of the island. The old chapel on Bering Hill east of the airport is yet another notable attraction to visit. Standing at an elevation of 3,445 feet tall, the Bering Hill believed to be a stratovolcano hasn’t erupted ever. The herds of Caribou also invariably attract hunters in a big way from all over the United States.

With so much to see and do in this magnificent Alaskan hotspot, book group travel to Adak Island with FlyOfinder now and head for an exciting, adventure-filled vacation.

Best Time to Visit Adak Island

Adak Island experiences a subpolar oceanic climate with cool weather and snowfall during the winters. Even during the hottest months the temperature doesn’t increase beyond 10 C. The rainfall takes place year-round, but slightly reduces in driest months. With such climatic conditions, the best time to book roundtrip flights to Adak Island is during the summer months between May and September when you will experience higher temperatures than the rest of the year. The rainfall is lesser, and comfortable and cool weather makes it great for wilderness exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are taking flights to Adak Island from Cold Bay the duration will be of 12 hour 30 minutes. Flights to Adak Island from Anchorage will be of 2 hour 37 minutes.

Adak Island is served by only Alaska Airlines, which operates twice weekly flights from Anchorage and Cold Bay on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you are planning to leave the town center during your stay then you must buy a land use permit from The Aleutian Corporation, which will cost $10 per day or $30 per week, and can be purchased at the City of Adak offices.

You can fly to Adak Island Alaska by arriving at nearby airports and taking connecting flights by Alaska Airlines. These airports include St George Island Airport (STG – 430 miles from Adak Island), Dutch Harbor Unalaska Airport (DUT – 443 miles from Adak Island), and St Paul Island Airport (SNP – 447 miles).

Adak Island gets roughly 9 nonstop flights every month from only two domestic destinations – Anchorage and Cold Bay.

You can make Adak Island Alaska flights reservations for travel on only two routes, which include Cold Bay and Anchorage.

You can get around in Adak Island through rental cars, which will cost about $100 per day. Arrangements for rental cars can be made through your host. Generally four-wheel drive with off-road abilities is provided as the condition of road on the outer edge of the island can be quite rough. Adak Island has only 16 miles of driveable road.

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