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The unincorporated U.S. territory of Guam is a tropical paradise attracting millions of tourists with its powder-like beaches, vibrant coral reefs, historic sites, charming Southern Guam, Tumon Bay, and the night markets of Chamorro Village. Book cheap flights to Guam for holidays at this crucial base for the US Armed Forces since World War II, which has been attracting millions of tourists from America and Asia, especially Japan, every year.

Top Places to Visit in Guam

Tumon: The district of Tumon is situated along the northwest coast of Guam, in the municipality of Tamuning. It is the hub for tourists as well as the island’s economic center too. The malls and shopping centres here are major attractions for tourists arriving here for duty-free shopping. Major places for shopping here include Duty Free Galleria, Tumon Sands Plaza, JP Superstore, The Plaza and Acanta Mall. The large number of luxury shops and midscale stores has earned Tumon the nickname of the “Paris of the Pacific”. Apart from shopping, you will find strip clubs, dance clubs, and much more.

Barrigada: The village of Barrigada is a largely residential municipality in Guam. The main village is situated south of the airport. Barrigada Heights, located east of the airport, is an affluent neighbourhood where you will find homes with excellent views and hotels along Tumon Bay.

Agat: The village of Agat is situated south of Apra Harbor on Guam's western shore. Most of Agat’s residents are ethnic Chamorros, the indigenous people of Guam. Major attractions worth visiting in Agat include War In The Pacific National Historical Park, the Spanish Bridge, the Agat Marina, and Mount Alifan.  

Best Time to Visit Guam

Plan your vacation in advance and book low-priced tickets with the best online travel agency in Guam for travel between December and June. This is the best time visit the island with Guam best airfare as the climate is more pleasant than the rest of the year. This is the dry season and busiest for tourism. The months around January and February sees a considerable drop in temperatures to an average of 24 C. This is also a great time to enjoy sightseeing, wreck diving, water sports and outdoors.

Best Things to See and Do in Guam

The small island of Guam is lush, untouched tropical paradise with stunning ocean views thus making it immensely popular destination for tourists from around the world. Get ready for an adventure-packed vacation in Guam where lots of fun activities and experiences are waiting for you.

  • Bring your family and friends with group flight reservations to visit a wonderful tropical island destination like Guam to admire its myriad natural wonders such as beautiful limestone forest terrains, soaring cliffs, and other marvels like Marbo Cave, Ague Cove, Sigua Falls, Talofofo Falls, and Pagat Caves   
  • Guam is a remote island, but attracts millions of tourists every year with its duty-free shopping. Tumon is a center of fashion and shopping, and a haven for shopaholics with its high-end retail options. The Tumon Sands Plaza and the DFS Guam Galleria are worth checking out, where you will find all popular designer brands. The Tumon Island has many larhe shopping malls, and its streets are dotted with luxury boutiques and fashion houses. The weekend flea market and weekly night markets are also worth visiting   
  • Food and entertainment are favorite pastime for the people of Guam and events take place every week. The traditional village fiestas are celebrated every month and free to attend. Guam is renowned for its numerous festivals and events. Major festivals attracting tourists in large numbers include Malesso’ Crab Festival, Agat Mango Festival, and signature events like Guam Live International Music Festival and the annual Guam Micronesia Island Fair
  • Get senior citizen flight deals to visit the fascinating melting pot of cultures that Guam is fondly called. The American, European and Asian influences are appropriately reflected in the wide range of cuisines and restaurants found everywhere in the island. Some popular dishes like the chicken kelaguen, red rice and Chamorro barbecue is a must try
  • Some of the world’s most diverse diving are offered in Guam, from shipwrecks to simple reef diving and more. The island offers more than 60 dive sites where you will find over 200 species of coral. If you aren’t a certified diver yet, then consider signing up for an intro dive experience. Surely, Guam’s crystal clear waters and teeming marine life are worth exploring

Important Things to Know before You visit Guam

  • Those visiting Guam for the first time usually mistake the name of indigenous people with the insulting misnomer ‘Chamorron.’ However, the correct designation is ‘Chamorro’, describing the people, culture, food and language. The Chamorros are essentially Americans and have full rights of U.S. citizens. So name them correctly by not inserting “moron” in order to address them respectfully
  • Tumon, Guam’s tourist center spanning in few square miles, is perfect for beaches, entertainment, dining, shopping and lodging. However, the best of Tumon Island can be experienced by venturing out and seeing rolling hills, rugged beaches and historical sites   
  • Evaluate weather conditions before going out on the water as there are no storm sirens in Guam. The storm season is from June to September. You therefore need to check the national news for weather updates. Tsunamis are possible even if an earthquake strikes hundreds of miles away. The blue signage on major roads indicate tsunami evacuation routes
  • Businesses open late and close early or not at all as Guam is predominantly Catholic. You need to check restaurant listings whether it’s open on Sundays before going out. However, some restaurants may be open for dinner only. The varied, elaborate and good hotel buffets are always an option for Sunday brunch if you are ready to spend $30+ per person 
  • Whenever you buy something Gross Revenue Tax (GRT) of 4% is added and restaurants often add 10% gratuity to the bills. If you aren’t sure about the inflated bills then ask your server or check your bill. If you like then you might leave an additional 5-10% for great service. Hotel Occupancy Tax is 11% and included in the bills automatically  
Frequently Asked Questions

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (GUM), also called Guam Airport, is the only airport in Guam. Currently, no domestic flights are being offered from Guam. The airport offers nonstop flights to 14 destinations in 8 countries. United Airlines is the only airline offering nonstop flights from Guam to USA, with year-round service being operated from Honolulu. Guam is outside the customs territory of the United States and is therefore considered to be an international flight for the purposes of customs and immigration.

The longest flight to Guam is from Honolulu. The direct one way flights to Guam from Honolulu is operated by United Airlines, covering a 3,796 mile (6,109 km) distance, and takes around 7 hour 5 minutes.

Intercontinental roundtrip flights to Guam are operated out of Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport from the USA, Japan, Southeast Asia and Eastern Asia.

Guam experiences a tropical marine climate and remains constantly warm and humid round the year with the northeast trade winds moderating the temperatures. The months between January and June are dry season, while the rainy season is from July to December. The temperatures relatively remain stable and seldom change with the seasons. The large typhoons are though rare, and arrive only once every eight years, generally between October and November. The predictably comfortable tropical weather attracts around 1.4 million tourists to buy tickets to Guam every year for holiday.

Guam doesn’t have a public transportation system. You will therefore need to taxi or a car rental for travelling around in Guam. Don’t get misled by the compact size of Guam on map. Getting very far on foot is difficult because of distance, heat, and lack of signage or sidewalks outside of Tumon. You need to accordingly budget your time and money when you plan to fly to Guam

If you have booked airline tickets to Guam then the entry requirements will be the same as needed for travelling to any U.S. destination. The citizens of the United States visiting Guam will need to provide a U.S. passport, on a case-by-case basis, proof of citizenship and photo ID. However, citizens of other countries should possess a valid passport with a U.S. visa.

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