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Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is officially called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico). A harmonious blend of the Old World and New World, Puerto Rico is said to be the heart and soul of the Caribbean offering immense natural wonders and one-of-a-kind experiences. This sun-kissed Caribbean paradise offers majestic mountains, pristine beaches, exceptional food, adventure and relaxation. Book cheap flights to Puerto Rico today with FlyOfinder and discover the many treasures of this wonderful Caribbean tourism hotspot.

Capital: San Juan
Location: Situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, east of the Dominican Republic
Topography: About 75% of land area comprises of hills or mountains
Total Area: 3,516 square miles or 9,104 sq km
Language: Spanish (official) and English
Population: 3,294,626
Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard (UTC - 4:00)
Climate: Tropical Marine, with year-round average temperatures ranging between 80 F and 70 F
Airport: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), located in Isla Verde

Main Cities in Puerto Rico

San Juan: It is the capital of Puerto Rico and one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. Get ready to experience one of the world’s most culturally rich places with the added trappings of a tropical Caribbean paradise. The city’s old world elegance and vibrant culture is going to captivate you endlessly.

Ponce: It is Puerto Rico’s second oldest city, and is often referred to as “La Perla del Sur” (The Pearl of the South). It was founded in 1692. The central location of the city makes it a perfect way to explore Puerto Rico’s southern coast and other attractions in the central mountains. You can visit coffee plantations and museums. Go for snorkeling excursion to the inhabited island of Caja de Muertos.

Mayaguez: It is Puerto Rico’s third largest city and considered to be the “capital” of the West Coast.
Its European charm is alluring. It is renowned for its port and tuna factories. It is also home to the only zoo in Puerto Rico.

Caguas: It is also known as "La Ciudad Criolla" (criole city), "La Ciudad Del Turabo" (Turabo city) and "El Corazon de Borinquen" (Borinquen's heart). It is home to many inspiring natural wonders and museums.

Aguadilla: It is also called “La Villa del Ojo de Agua” (village of the eye of water), “El Pueblo de los Tiburones” (town of the sharks) and “El Nuevo Jardín del Atlántico” (the new garden of the Atlantic). The popular surfing beaches and the Caribbean’s biggest aquatic theme park Parque Acuático Las Cascadas are major attractions for tourists. 

Best Things to Do

Puerto Rico is an amazing destination in the Caribbean. There are lots to see and do here. Here are some of the best things you will want to do during your Puerto Rican vacation.

  • Plan a soul-refreshing escape to an enchanted El Yunque National Rainforest. You can go hiking, enjoy bathing in natural pools beneath waterfalls, or simply relax and enjoy the scenic wonders around
  • Learn about Puerto Rican history and culture through a hiking adventure to Cueva Ventana, one of Puerto Rico’s most famous natural attractions in Arecibo. You’ll find pre-Columbian petroglyphs and stone engravings and hiking trails
  • Explore Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan and get a glimpse into one of Spain's major military engineering marvels, right from colonization to the Second World War
  • Take food-centric road trips around the island, which are perfect for a hungry traveler or a wandering gourmand. San Juan is a fascinating foodie destination, dotted with many world-class restaurants, food parks and bars
  • Puerto Rico’s year-round warm waters and fun local surfing culture makes it a perfect surfing destination. Surf shops are ready to offer board rentals and surfing lessons, or even guided experiences. You can enjoy the best surfing around the northwest coast, from Rincón to Isabela

Travel Tips for Puerto Rico

Take a look at some of these valuable tips so that exploring Puerto Rico during your vacation becomes convenient and hassle free.

  • Puerto Rico is essentially a U.S. territory, but not a state. U.S. citizens don’t need a passport for travel to Puerto Rico, unless it’s the starting point of your cruise vacation
  • It’s best to rent a car for city exploration as public transportation takes longer hours
  • Consider walking around in Old San Juan and the old sector of Rio Piedras as both of them are the only pedestrian-oriented urban centers in the metropolitan area
  • Puerto Rico is not cheap, but traveling the island on a budget is still possible.
  • Puerto Rico is expensive, but budget accommodations, commonly known as paradores (rustic government-sponsored accommodations), can be found
  • You can enjoy delicious traditional cuisines at cheaper prices mostly at beach shacks, mountain kiosks, and at local markets
  • Spanish is the official language, while English is a widely spoken language. It however becomes difficult to communicate in English when venturing outside urban areas
  • The tour companies are always ready to fool you. These are at best tourist traps, since not a single place in Puerto Rico is more than 2.5 hours away. The expressway circles the entire island making most places easily accessible. Experience the island by yourself by ditching the tour bus and instead taking a car or a ferry
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