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Washington State is often referred to by its full title for distinguishing itself from national capital Washington, D.C. The Cascade Mountains run across the state. The western side has damp forested coastal areas, while the eastern side has deserts, pine forests and irrigated farmland of the Columbia River Plateau. With its volcanoes, mountains, forests, deserts, rugged coastline and hundreds of coastal islands, Washington is absolutely one of the best states to explore in the United States.

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Regions in Washington State

The State of Washington is divided into many regions. These include Northeast Washington, Southwest Washington, San Juan Islands, North Cascades, Columbia River Plateau, Puget Sound, Palouse and Olympic Peninsula. 

Northeast Washington – The Northeast Washington is a semi-arid area renowned for its huge Grand Coulee Dam, which is the largest hydroelectric producer in the USA. This region is famous for its national forests, wildlife areas, heritage sites and panoramic vistas.

Southwest Washington – The Southwest Washington is the state’s lush, forested region, popular for its stunning coastline and fascinating views along the Columbia River. This region has mountains and volcanoes.

San Juan Islands – The San Juan Islands region is a group of scattered forested islands in the serene waters adjacent to British Columbia. It is a popular vacation destination for the residents of Washington as well as for those in British Columbia, Canada.

North Cascades – The North Cascades region is famous for its national parks, freshwater lakes, beautiful mountains and outdoor activities. The cities in the North Cascades region include Bellingham, Wenatchee and Leavenworth.

Columbia River Plateau – The Columbia River Plateau region is situated on the southeastern side of the North Cascades. This region prominently features deserts, canyons and steppes set in hillside valleys. The cities in this region include Yakima, Walla Walla and Kennewick.

Puget Sound – The Puget Sound comprises cities like Seattle, Olympia and Tacoma. This region offers a wide range of holiday and recreational pursuits with plenty of sightseeing, boating, kayaking and hiking activities. 

Palouse – The Palouse region is located about 160 miles north of the Oregon Trail. It is a largely agricultural region, and includes cities like Spokane, Pullman and Cheney.

Olympic Peninsula – The Olympic Peninsula region is best known for being home to Olympic National Park. It is hugely popular for its rugged beauty, miles of isolated beaches, majestic mountains and rainforests.

Major Cities in Washington

Washington State has many cities. Some of the popular cities worth visiting include Olympia, Seattle, Spokane and Bellevue.

Olympia – The evergreen city of Olympia is located at the southern end of Puget Sound. This bustling and compact city is also the capital of Washington State. It attracts tourists with its farmers markets, world-class museums, and a lively waterfront district. 

Seattle – Nestled between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. This wonderful city is bordered by the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. This Pacific paradise is great to visit with its plenty of great outdoor options and rich history.

Spokane – The second-largest city in Washington State derives its name from the Spokan tribe of Salish Native Americans, and literally means the “Children of the Sun”. It’s no wonder that this sunny city stands true to its name. Also known as the "Capital of the Inland Empire", Spokane is a great place to explore and offers museums, parks and public gardens to the visitors.  

Bellevue – This third-largest city in the State of Washington is Seattle's suburban cousin situated across Lake Washington. This family-friendly tourist destination offers a children’s museum, abundant green spaces, stunning scenery, and great dining and shopping experiences.

Getting Around in Washington

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), popularly called "SeaTac Airport" by the locals, is the biggest airport in Washington State, and a major hub for flights across the state and the Pacific Northwest. The Spokane International Airport (GEG) is another major airport in the state offering flights to Seattle, Portland, Oakland, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Jose, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Dallas/Fort Worth. Apart from flights, the cars are convenient and quickest mode of transportation for travelling around the state. You can also opt for the Washington State Ferry system, which is the largest in the USA, for visiting places like San Juan Islands, Puget Sound and Eastern Washington.

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