Spirit Airlines Flight Change: Flexible amendments in reservations

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Air travel is time-saving and a pleasant experience indeed. However, at times there might be a situation when we are forced to make changes to our travel plans due to some personal reasons or unavoidable circumstances. But how this kind of situation is to be handled?

This can surely be done by gaining knowledge about Spirit Airlines flight change policy. If you are making Spirit Airlines reservations,then just don’t worry as making flight changes & amendments to your booking has become all the more easier. 

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee

Flight change fee depends on the fare type and according to Spirit Airlines policy. These are the following:

  • No change fee will be charged when making changes or amendments to reservation within 24 hours of original purchase (at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure)
  • Customers require paying $90 for online changes and $100 for changes at kiosk or phone for changes or amendments after 24 hours of initial purchase (made 7 or more days before departure). One time free online changes allowed on Flight Flex Ticket, while $110 change fee is to be paid on Award Ticket
  • Customers will have to pay $90 for online changes and $100 for changes at kiosk or phone within 24 hours after the original purchase (for less than 7 days or more before scheduled departure). For Flight Flex Ticket there will be one time free online changes, while for Award Ticket it will be $110 change fee
  • A $90 fee for online change and $100 fee for offline change will be charged from the customers for making changes or amendments after 24 hours of the original purchase (for less than 7 days or more days before scheduled departure). One time free online changes allowed on Flight Flex Ticket, while $110 change fee is to be paid on Award Ticket
  • Customers will have to pay $99 fee for earlier flight standby when making changes or amendments within 24 hours of the scheduled departure

Free Spirit Airlines Flight Change within 24-hours

Spirit Airlines flights allow its customers to make changes or amendments to their reservation within 24-hours of the original booking for free if unforeseen circumstances such as death in the family take place, on the condition that a supporting document is presented to the airline. Apart from this, the customers will also not be charged any change fee for changing to another Spirit Airline flight if the arrival and departure time of the original flight has been changed by the airline itself. The customers will also not have to pay any change fee when purchasing a flexible ticket directly through Spirit Airlines booking department and not from any third-party online travel agency.

Spirit Airlines Flight Changes Online

Flight change can be done online easily by the customers without any change fee penalty when it is done prior to 24 hours of the originally scheduled flight departure. This can be done by the customers themselves by visiting Spirit Airlines Official website after login to their account. After you are through flight change online it must also be seen to it that the confirmation for the new booked flight reservation is also received on phone or email.

You can place a flight change request online through “Change My Flight” option on FlyOfinder

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Offline

The old traditional way of flight change is resorted to by some customers. The offline option is provided to such customers by Spirit Airlines for changing flights. This can be done by visiting Spirit Airlines reservation department or a kiosk at the nearest airport. Flight change can also be done over phone by calling Spirit Airlines reservations phone number

Spirit Airlines Same Day Flight Change

“Spirit Airlines offers the same day flight change option to its customers for making amendments and changes to their reservation on the original flight date only up to one hour prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.”

The new booked flight should however be between the same airports and on the same routes as per the original flight reservation.

If online or offline check-in has already been done then the customer won’t be allowed to choose any earlier flight. Same day flight change is however not allowed for long-haul flights and a change fee will have to be paid by the customer as per the fare type in addition to fare difference amount, if any.

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