Delta Airlines New Summer Routes

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Delta Airlines New Summer Routes

Delta Airlines is confident to get the business on track during this summer. Many reports are indicating high demands of expansions to outdoor flight service along with the domestic expansion. The more people are vaccinated, the fewer fears of COVID-19 exist in the society. Delta Airlines new summer routes are intended to provide a wider range of leisure travels to the Americans.

Delta Air announced new summer routes as a part of its ambitious expansion of routes during summer. To match the leisure travel demand, Delta Air has announced many outdoor and domestic routes for the summer vacationers.

The Atlanta based U.S. carrier has started adjusting its network in accordance with the demand of expanding summer routes and adding some new routes for the upcoming summer this year.

Delta Airlines New Domestic Routes to The West Coast

Delta is boosting its service to almost every national park in the west. The carrier is expanding its service to these mountain destinations in the west.

Bozeman, Glacier Park, Missoula, Jackson Hole, Fresno, Rapid City and Reno.

Delta is adding new routes as well to these destinations:

Glacier, Grand Teton and Yosemite National Park

Kalispell, Montana is the closest airport to Glacier. This airport will get three additional routes by Delta in the summer which is supposed to be started from the beginning of last May. The Kalispell airport will be connected from Los Angeles, Seattle and Atlanta.

Here is a small list of routes towards the west coast

From JAC to LAX- Staring from May 28, daily service

From JAC to MSP- Staring from May 28, daily service

From BZN to LAX- Started from May 5, daily service

From BZN to SEA-Starting from May 28, daily service

From FCA to LAX-Staring from May 28, daily service

There are many more new routes added by Delta Air to the west coast. Call Delta Air for more details. You can get Delta airlines phone number from here.

Delta Airlines New Summer Routes to The Quiet Bach Sports on the East Coast

Delta Airlines new summer routes to the beaches of the east coast are specifically dedicated for those who prefer a more relaxed beach vacation.

The carrier is adding flights across the eastern seaboards by expanding frequency of old service and by adding new routes as well. Delta Air is focusing on providing weekend service to water destinations and leisure stops. It is very interesting to know that Delta is the latest carrier of the United States doubling down on Traverse city, Michigan.

The following destinations will see new service by Delta Air:

Hilton Head, Traverse City, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Norfolk, Savannah and Asheville.

Traverse City will be boosted by Delta Air Lines as it will get the benefit of having the biggest haul of new destinations of the east coast additions.

Here is a list of new flights and expansion of old service to the eastern coast by Delta.

From AVL to LGA- Started from May 5, daily service, old service resuming.

From ILM to LGA-Started from May 5, daily service, old service resuming.

From TVC to ATL-starting from May 29, daily service, old service resuming.

From HHS to BOS-staring from May 8, Saturday only, new service.

From TVC to LGA-started from May 5, daily service, old service resuming.

From TVC to BOS- starting from May 29, Saturday only, new service.

There are many more new routes and expanded services of old routes are announced by Delta Airlines.

Delta Air Summer Routes-Northeast Growth

In the northeast region, Delta is targeting both the beaches and the mountains. The carrier is also expanding services to the islands off of Cape Cod. Starting from May 28, the flight service from Nantucket to New York’s JFK international airport will be twice in a day instead of once in a day. In addition to doubling the flight service to this destination, Saturday and Sunday service will also be provided to LaGuardia by the carrier. This service will start from May 29. Martha’s Vineyard will also gain double daily flights to New York’s JFK international airport.

Summer Fun in New England by Delta Airlines

New England will also get expansions of flight services by Delta Air. The region is known for its adventures in outdoor locations. Delta Air Lines offers daily flight service to Acadia National Park from Boston and a Saturday-only service from Atlanta to Detroit.

Two famous Massachusetts islands, Nantucket, ACK and Martha’s Vineyard, MVY will also get more flight service from New York’s LaGuardia, LGA and JFK airports.

Extended flight service to New England by Delta:

From BGR to BOS- Started from May 5, daily service.

From BGR to ATL-Started from May 8, Saturday only service.

From ACK to JFK-Starting from May 28, twice in a day.

From ACK to LGA-Starting from May 29, weekends only.

From MVY to JFK-Starting from May 28, twice in a day.

Delta Airlines New International Routes

Delta is focusing not only on expanding domestic services but also adding new routes to international destinations. Apart from the adding new routes during upcoming summer, the carrier has also announced resuming of old flight services to international destinations which were stopped due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Delta is starting several flight services from Jun 5 to the Caribbean. There are many Caribbean islands which attract the tourists most. Some Caribbean islands have been declared COVID-19 free. To provide wider options to the summer vacationers, Delta has extended old flight services and also added few ones to the destinations in the Caribbean region.

New and extended flight services to the destinations in the Caribbean:

Grand Cayman, GCM: One of the best picks for the Caribbean leisure destinations. Grand Cayman will get daily flight service from Atlanta and Saturday-only flight from JFK.

St. Kitts, KNA: It will resume the service for Saturday-only flights to Atlanta and JFK.

Roatan, RTB: Thrice-weekly service is available for passengers starting from Jun 5

Bonaire, BON: Thrice-weekly service is available for passengers starting from June 5.

Delta is a big leisure player and provides best options to the leisure travelers to fly with them. It does not focus only on business-oriented routes but also shows keen interest in providing service of leisure travels at larger scale. Right now, most of the travelers are taking to the sky for relaxed summer vacations. Not only are domestic trips in demand, but also they are eager for outdoor-friendly escapes. If you are planning to fly this summer, Delta Air will be a smart choice for your leisure travels. To enjoy your leisure summer trips, make Delta Airlines reservations with FlyOfinder.

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