Delta Airlines Flight to Africa

Saturday, July 03, 2021

Delta Airlines Flight to Africa

The Resumption date of Delta Airlines flights to Africa has been rescheduled. As per an update on the official websites of the carrier, the Delta Airlines direct flight to Johannesburg is supposed to be resumed on August 1. Earlier it was scheduled to resume from July 2, 2021. The date of resuming flights between Atlanta and Johannesburg was changed many times before the last announcement of the rescheduling of flight service. It happened mainly because of continuing restrictions on travel between the United States of America and South Africa. Delta Air is confident that by the time of resuming services, things might get changed and COVID restrictions on travels will be lifted by these two countries.

Delta Air is also confident to restart flight services not only to Johannesburg but also to all African markets. Accra, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, and Lagos are the targeted destinations of the airline. More than a year has passed; the flight services of Delta Air to these destinations are paused due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The carrier is optimistic to start services again in Africa. The carrier is proud of serving Delta Airlines direct flights to South Africa for more than 15 years. The demand for resuming flight service between the United States of America and South Africa is increasing particularly during summer times.

Schedule of Delta Airlines Flights to South Africa

Delta Airlines flights to South Africa are supposed to start from August 1 this year. The service will be available three days a week from August 1, 2021, to September 8, 2021. Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are scheduled for the eastbound direction i.e., from Atlanta to Johannesburg. Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are scheduled in the westbound direction i.e., from Johannesburg to Atlanta. After September 8, Delta Airlines will increase its frequency on a daily basis.

From Atlanta, the Delta Air flight will depart at 19:00 and will arrive in Johannesburg at 16:30 the next day.

From Johannesburg, the Delta Air flight will depart at 22:55 and will arrive in Atlanta at 9:15 the next day.

Delta Airlines Non-stop Flights to South Africa

Before the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, Boeing 777 aircraft was used for Delta Airlines non-stop flights to South Africa. Since Boeing 777 aircraft has already been retired last year, Delta Air will now operate this route with one of its best aircraft, the Airbus A350. Airbus A350 will be outfitted with 226 economy seats, 38 premium select premium economy, and 32 are Delta One business class. The flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg will stop at Cape Town for refueling purposes because this is one of the longest haul flights of Delta Air with 16 hours of flying time.

Delta Air Flights to Johannesburg- Fares

Delta passengers can buy airline tickets to/from both Johannesburg and Cape Town on a single itinerary. Although Delta Air flights to Atlanta, departing from Johannesburg will stop at Cape Town, the passengers are not allowed to book domestic segments standalone.

Tickets to this route are already on sales counters. Delta One Suites were sold out immediately during the press conference when the resumption of flight service between Atlanta and Johannesburg was announced. Fares for Premium Select seats are $3700 for round trip and for economy class, you have to pay just $2500 for a round trip flight.

Redemption of SkyMiles is also allowed on this route. A total number of 140,000 SkyMiles will be required to redeem for one way flight in economy class. 250,000 SkyMiles for Delta’s Premium Select and 465,000 SkyMiles for Delta One Suites will be required to redeem for a one-way flight between Atlanta and Johannesburg.

Inflight Services and Meal Preference in Delta Airlines

Delta Air customers flying to this route will get enhanced inflight entertainment and preferred foods during their journey. Seatback entertainment options are upgraded with new enhanced technology in the craft. More than 200 films, 370 episodes, and all-new podcasts will be available through the seatback screen.

As far as serving meals inside the flight during journey is concerned, Delta Air uniquely crafted the menu items including some regional flavors in foods. All customers will have the choice of selecting main course meals. Apart from the main course of meals, an appetizer, and dessert, a full bar selection or choice of soft drinks will be provided during this one of the longest-haul journeys between Atlanta and Johannesburg.

If you are planning to enjoy one of the longest-haul journeys above water, this is the right time to book your flights with Delta starting from August 1, 2021. Because of the continuing success of vaccination drives in both countries, Delta Air is pretty much confident of lifting travel restrictions by both countries very soon.

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