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Breeze Airways Cancelation Policy

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Do you want to cancel your Breeze Airways air ticket but do not know how to do it? Well, we are here to assist you. Breeze Airways canceled ticket policy allows you to rebook or cancel your flight without any fee. Most travelers are unaware of such policies as airlines have made slight changes to their policies after Covid, making it customer-friendly and easily accessible. Canceling Breeze flights as per the Breeze Airways cancelation policy is handy and advantageous now for many.

Breeze Airways Ticket Cancelation Policy

As a new airline on the block, Breeze Airways started its operation in May 2021, with its first departure from Tampa International Airport. With headquarters in Utah, the airline offers flexibility in its policies, counting the ability to change or cancel a flight with nominal costs. Such requests can be given 15 minutes before the departure. A few essential points from the Breeze Airways cancelation policy have been laid down –

  • Flight cancelation requests will proceed online within 24 hours as per Breeze Airways flight cancelation policy
  • The passenger will be refunded within 7 -10 business days
  • Breeze 24 hours cancelation charge depend upon the fare type and class
  • Once the process is over, the passenger will receive cancelation affirmation via email

Breeze Airways 24-Hour Cancelation Policy

This is the crux of the policy! The Breeze Airways 24-hour cancelation policy remains as it is in which there's no cancelation fee if the booking was done at least 7 days before the departure and canceled within 24 hours from the booking made.
Breeze 24-hour cancelation fee subject to per person per booking depending upon the fare type and class of service selected.
Group reservations are not entertained under the 24-hour cancelation but are subject to group bookings via a travel agent.

Whether your Breeze air ticket is refundable or non-refundable, according to the 24-hour rule, a 100% refund will be provided. This rule is only applicable to the bookings done from/to the USA. You can call up the airline or one of the trusted travel companies - FlyOfinder.
The Breeze Airways Cancelation Policy 24-hour rule might not apply to airlines that do not fly from/to the US. So be careful while making cancelations.

Breeze Airways Cancelation Fee

According to Breeze Airways cancelation policy, keep in mind that the airline charges a non-refundable 45 USD fee to make cancelations. Breeze flight cancelation fee for each fare is as follows
Breeze Basic –Breeze flight cancelation fee would be 150 USD for all flights traveling within the US and 200 USD for all other routes. Same-day confirmed change can be made for 100 USD per person without paying any fare difference.
Breeze Extra and Breeze Plus – Breeze Airways would not charge a cancelation fee to cancel your reservation before departure. For 100 USD per person, same-day confirmed change can be initiated without paying any fare difference.

How to Cancel Breeze Airways Flights?

  • Offline and online are the two ways you can cancel the Breeze Airways flight.
  • Visit Breeze Airways website and click the Go-To My Trip section.
  • Enter the PNR number and first and last name of the passenger.
  • Choose the cancel booking option and move to the next option.
  • According to the Breeze Airways ticket cancelation policy, changes and cancelations made within 24-hours are processed.
  • As per your fare and class, choose your preferred option regarding reservation cancelation and click on cancel booking to proceed.
  • Once the cancelation request is complete, the customer will get the cancelation confirmation and a travel voucher.

Breeze Ticket Cancelation at the Airport

As per Breeze Airways cancelation policy, passengers cancel Breeze Airways flights up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. All you need to do is –

  • Head to your departure airport and visit the Breeze Airways flight cancelation counter.
  • Ask the agent to cancel your flight. You would be asked to provide the six-digit Breeze Airways booking reference or 13-digit ticket number.
  • The agent will inform you if your booking is eligible for a Breeze ticket cancelation refund or not.
  • Once the Breeze flight cancelation request is completed, you will receive the Breeze cancelation confirmation on your email and travel voucher generated for your booking.

Breeze Airways Cancel Flight Compensation

  • 75 USD will be offered as compensation if the flight distance is within 400 miles
  • 150 USD will be offered as compensation if the flight distance is between 400-550 miles
  • 300 USD will be offered as compensation if the flight distance is more than 550 miles.

Suppose the flight is delayed for 2 hours/5 hours or more. In that case, Breeze Airways will offer complimentary snacks and refreshments, complimentary calls, email, Wi-Fi access, the next immediate flight, free airport transfer, and a complete refund if delayed for more than 5 hours.

Breeze Airways Refund Policy

  • Passengers qualify for a full refund if the airline cancels the flight due to any unpredicted situation.
  • If the airline delays for more than 5 hours, passengers can claim a full refund.
  • Passengers can claim a refund request if the booking has been made to a lower class than the original.
  • Most tickets are non-refundable, but passengers opt for cancelation for the booking at least 7 days in advance for a 24-hour cancelation.
  • If Breeze Airways cancels the flight, the refund will be made for the unused part of the ticket and paid back to the passenger as the payment was made while booking.
  • There will be no refund if there is a no-show from the traveler's side.
  • Failure to board a flight or cancel an itinerary at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time will cause forfeiture of funds.
  • Breeze can process the cancelation in the form of a refund and travel credit based on your booking and departure date.

Breeze Airways Ticket Cancelation - delayed flights

According to the Breeze flight delay cancelation policy, the airline takes maximum effort to intimate the passenger about the flight cancelation, delays, time change, etc. For unforeseen situations such as harsh climate, technical fault, airline bankruptcy, sudden flight delay, the passenger will get a prompt notification regarding the delays and other mishaps via email or through call. Passengers can claim a refund if the airline informs the passenger within 14 days before the designated departure.

The passenger will be entitled to 300 USD if Breeze Airways gets delayed for longer than five hours, provided that the flight has to leave from any one of the US airports. To claim a refund, the customer must complete the form for compensation and save any documentation received from the airline. They can also inquire about the reason behind the cancelation and other issues such as Breeze Airways reservations, tour packages, etc. 

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