Information on JetBlue Travel Bank

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Information on JetBlue Travel Bank

On various occasions, you might be confronted with a situation when you miss a flight or are forced to cancel it and you are provided travel credits in the form of compensation. JetBlue takes care of its customers well and applies innovative approaches to resolve such travel-related issues. JetBlue Airlines provides travel credits as compensation to customers who either cancel JetBlue reservations or miss a flight and put it into the Travel Bank account of the respective customers. 

What is a JetBlue Travel Bank account?

The JetBlue Travel Bank account is essentially an online account of JetBlue customers for storing credits earned by them. The customers with JetBlue Travel Bank accounts, who made JetBlue reservations can view and manage their travel credits, which can be used for future flights, and change or cancellation fees and taxes, or any applicable increase in airfare for changes.

How do I access my JetBlue Travel Bank?

For accessing your JetBlue Travel Bank you will have to log in with your TrueBlue credentials or using your Login ID and password received by you in your JetBlue Travel Bank welcome email. You need to have both a TrueBlue account and a Travel Bank account to receive the emails. Your new travel funds, if any, can be seen in your JetBlue Travel Bank after you log in to your account.

How long does JetBlue Travel Bank last?

The JetBlue travel bank credit will expire only for 365 days or one year after it has been issued. It is however not mandatory that you should take the flight within 365 days, but you need to make sure that the flight is booked within 365 days. It should however be noted that the JetBlue Travel Bank credits are only good for booking the airline’s flights, and surely not for in-flight purchases or baggage.

Can I transfer my JetBlue Travel Bank?

No, you can’t move the credit from your JetBlue travel bank account to some other JetBlue customer’s travel bank account. The credit in JetBlue Travel Bank account is essentially non-transferable. You can however use your travel bank credit to purchase the tickets of other persons such as your parent, spouse, child or friend. Booking a flight using travel credit is only allowed to be done by the same person who has been issued the credit.

Speak to our flight specialist at 1-571-378-7016 JetBlue Phone Number for any assistance with JetBlue cancellation or itinerary changes.

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