Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: What should you expect to carry and pay

Friday, May 15, 2020

Spirit Airlines is a popular ULCC in the United States and renowned for offering cheapest flights with its budget-friendly fares. Many travellers find it to be the most convenient airline with its extensive network across the USA, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

It’s no wonder that Spirit Airlines reservations allow you to visit preferred destinations in its network by spending less and saving more. If you are planning to take upcoming Spirit Airlines flights then it’s important for you to know about the Spirit Airlines baggage allowance and fees so that you don’t have to spend more unnecessarily. It may be noted that Spirit Airlines tickets don't include baggage fees in the airfare and have its own pricing structure. In fact, the baggage fees start increasing closer to the departure date.

Knowing the Spirit Airlines Baggage rules and policy beforehand will make it easier for you to make Spirit Airlines booking within your budget.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on allowance and fees

Spirit Airlines allows one free personal item when booking with Bare Fare option. However, you may have to pay somewhere between $28 and $37 at the time of booking, or between $36 and $45 when waiting until check-in. The airline might charge you a premium of between $55 and $65 when waiting until getting to the airport reservation desk or at the gate for paying.

The permissible size limit for personal items as carry-on must not exceed 18″ x 14″ x 8″, while the standard carry-on items shouldn’t be more than 22″ x 18″ x 10″ per item. The airline makes an exception for those travelling with an infant. Such passengers are allowed a breast pump and accessories and/or formula to be carried free and doesn’t include in carry-on allowance. However, you need to check-in strollers or double strollers prior to flight departure.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage allowance and fees

The maximum weight for checked baggage allowed by Spirit Airlines is 40 pounds with the total dimension of the bag not exceeding 62 linear inches. The airline doesn’t offer a flat rate for checked bags. When booking your airline tickets online you will be required to pay the following fee for your baggage:

  • First checked bag – from $23 to $32 (depending on weight)
  • Second checked bag – from $33 to $42
  • Third to fifth checked bags – from $78 to $87

Do remember that you will have to pay more for your checked bags if you continue to wait until check-in. The rate for your first bag until check-in may increase to somewhere between $33 and $42. Similarly, you will have to pay somewhere between $52 and $65 for just one checked bag if you wait until getting to the airport or gate for check-in.

Moreover, the passengers also need to keep in mind that restrictions may apply on the number of bags to check in depending on the destination to be flown.

Spirit Airlines overweight baggage and additional baggage fee

Spirit Airlines has strict requirements when carrying overweight baggage. Your overweight or oversized baggage will determine the specific fees to be charged by the airline. The maximum weight limit allowed per checked bag is 40 pounds. The airline charges $30 as overweight fees for bags weighing between 41 and 50 pounds. You will have to pay nearly $55 as overweight fees for bags weighing between 51 and 70 pounds. However, the maximum fee will be $100 for bags weighing between 71 and 100 pounds. For oversized baggage measuring a total of more than 62 linear inches a fee from $100 to $150 has to be paid, with some exceptions for special items such as sporting equipment and musical instruments.

For more details on baggage fees and other travel-related issues you may kindly call us at our Airlines phone number at any time of day or night. We will provide the best possible solutions for your safe and hassle free travel.

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