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Monday, November 22, 2021

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy - FLyofinder

What happens when you miss your flights? Have you come across a situation when you missed your flight? If yes, then you must be aware of the havoc-like situation at the airport. Passengers start wandering at the airport to know what next? But when you are traveling with one of the best airlines in the United States, American Airlines, you don’t need to worry at all. We will discuss here the American Airlines missed flight policy.

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Flight cancellation and flight delay are the most common things amongst airlines. Almost every traveler may have faced such a situation. But it is also possible that you might miss your flight due to late arrival at the airport for any reason. American Airlines' missed flight policy is not documented. They handle such situations from case to case. It also depends on how late you arrived at the airport. The carrier handles missed flight cases according to American Airlines standby policy. Under American Airlines standby policy, if you arrive at the airport within two hours of the flight departure time, you may be booked on the next flight to your route. You do not need to pay a change fee or a fare hike if any. Make sure that you arrive at the airport less than two hours from the scheduled departure time.

American Airlines Re-booking of a Missed Flight

American Airlines re-booking of a missed flight can be done online and offline. In case you missed your American Airlines flight, call American Airlines phone number immediately and ask them to re-book you on the next available flight. Re-booking of a missed flight on American Airlines can also be done online. You need to follow these below steps in case you missed an American Airlines flight and want to re-book.

  • Go to the official website of American Airlines
  • Click on the ‘Your Trip’ section
  • You need to fill required details over there such as your name and booking reference number.
  • Now you just need to click on the “Find Your Trip” tab
  • Now you will have options showing on the page whether you can change your flight or not.

What is American Airlines 15 Minute Rebooking Policy?

American Airlines 15 minutes rebooking policy is very helpful for those who just missed their flights. If customers miss American Airlines flights and reach out to one of the American Airlines representatives at the airport within a short window of 15 minutes, they can be re-booked immediately on the next flights at no cost. Agents can use the same booking code as the previous one. You may be re-booked to the same destination, however, through co-terminals. Agents are not authorized to overbook the flight to make the customer’s seat available. You can be re-booked only if the seats are available on the next flight. They can rebook you for American Airlines segments only, not for the partner’s segment in case it is a codeshare flight on partner airlines.

15 Minutes rebooking policy

Arrival time at the airport Re-booking process
Within 15 minutes of departure
  • Customers can be re-booked on the next available flight depending on the availability of seats
  • Re-booking is possible only for American Airlines segments
  • Destination must be the same
  • Co-terminals may be used for this
  • Seek help of airport agent for re-booking
More than 15 minutes but less than 2 hours
  • Customers will be queued in standby.

American Airlines Missing Connecting Flights

What happens if you miss a connecting flight on American Airlines? It entirely depends on whether it is a single ticket or not. If it is a single ticket, American Airlines will get you to the final destination. The responsibility for rebooking the flight will be held on American Airlines. Food, hotel stay, and other related expenses will be a matter to be handled by American Airlines.

But if you are traveling with two different tickets and the other ticket belongs to a different company, American airlines will have no obligation to get you to reach your destination. If you are coming on a different airline which arrives late and you miss your connecting flight on American Airlines, it is only your responsibility. American Airlines has nothing to do with such scenarios. If you could not contact American airlines well before departure of the flight, you will fall under the 'no show’ policy of the airlines and all flight segments on that ticket will be canceled.

American Airlines Missed Flight Phone Number

When you have missed your American Airlines flight or you think you are going to miss your American Airlines flight, call the American Airlines missed flight phone number immediately. Rebooking of a flight in case of missed flight on American Airlines is also possible on call when connecting to an American Airlines customer service number. Get help by approaching American Airlines support staff at the airport. They will let you know the right steps that you should take in case you missed an American Airlines flight.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to American Airlines cancelation policy, a basic economy ticket cannot be canceled unless it falls under American Airlines 24-hour cancelation policy. However, in some specific scenarios, cancelation of a basic economy ticket is also allowed. If you are canceling a non-refundable ticket, you will have to pay a certain fee amount for this. The cancelation fee depends on the type of ticket. In most cases, it is $200 for a domestic flight and up to $750 for an international flight. After deducting the cancelation fee, the value of the remaining amount will be transferred as American Airlines travel credits which can be used within 12 months from the issue date.

American Airlines Missed Flight Refunds

Can I get a refund for a missed flight on American Airlines? Generally, you won’t get refunds in case you missed your American Airlines flight. Even in the case when the cause of the missing American Airlines flight was not under your control, you will not get a refund for this. You will be rebooked on another American Airlines flight.

It is advisable that you make your best to reach the origin airport on or before time. As soon as you realize that you are going to miss your flight, call American Airlines immediately to avoid falling under their 'no show’ policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I be re-booked over the phone when calling an American Airlines customer number?
Ans: Re-booking of a missed flight can also be booked over the phone. Get connected immediately to the airline or Flyofinder at 1-571-378-7016 and ask them to re-book you.

Q: What is the American Airlines ‘flat tire’ rule?
Ans: If you make your presence less than 2 hours from the flight departure time at the airport, you will not be charged extra irrespective of the fare type of your ticket.

Q: Does American Airlines allow pets to travel in the main cabin?
Ans: Yes. American Airlines pet travel policy allows pets to travel in the main cabin.

Q: What happens if I missed a flight with an award ticket?
Ans: if you have a free flight ticket in accordance with American Airlines AAdvantage program, you will be treated in the same way as paid ticket customers.

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