Travel to Brussels – The Capital of All of Europe!

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, but it is quite often considered as the capital of all of Europe because the European Union is headquartered in this city. This Flemish-French bilingual enclave is located in Belgium’s Flemish speaking area. Book cheap flights to Brussels today to visit a city which is home to many important European and international organizations such as the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission, Eurocontro l(a European body for the safety of air navigation) and the headquarters of the NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Brussels is not only home to intergovernmental agencies, but it is also the European headquarters of many multinational corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, UPS, and others. It’s therefore no wonder that nearly 14 million business travelers purchase Brussels flight tickets to travel to this leading global city and prime European destination every year.

Many people might be thinking that Brussels is a dull, boring city because of the presence of a large number of business organizations, but it isn’t so. Look out for Brussels flight deals now and visit a city where you will discover major attractions such as the Palais Royale, the Grand Place, the quirky Manneken Pis, the Magritte Museum, Royal Museums of Fine Arts, the Museum of Musical Instruments, and Comic Strip Museum. Moreover, Brussels also offers a rich gastronomic culture prominently featuring high quality beer and chocolate, along with the highly popular local delicacies such as Pomme frites and waffles.

A largely cosmopolitan population resides in the city. With its myriad offerings such as nightlife, shopping and dining options, Brussels has emerged as a prominent destination on the itinerary of most tourists from different parts of the world. The city is renowned for its vivacious nightlife scene and will keep you endlessly entertained with its many bars, nightclubs and live music venues. Brussels has a maritime temperate climate because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The winters are mild and summers are warm, and the city also receives much rainfall throughout the year. The relatively mild year round weather therefore makes Brussels an all-weather destination.

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