American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Guide

Thursday, January 07, 2021

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Guide

Have you ever faced a stressful situation when your dearest young one has to fly all alone without the physical presence of a known person? Those who have already faced such a situation know how worrisome it is unless your child reaches the destination and in safe hands. These are surely moments of heightened anxiety and nervousness. After all, what will you do when your little one has to travel alone on an aircraft? Let’s know about American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.

If you have made American Airlines reservations for your minor child then there’s absolutely no reason for you to worry. One of America’s top 3 carriers American Airlines is ready to take responsibility and assures that your child will have a safe and positive trip.

Who is treated as Unaccompanied Minor by American Airlines?

A child aged between five (5) and fourteen (14) years who can’t travel alone and is escorted by the airline staff at the airport and taken care of by the aircraft’s crew members on board the flight until he/she reaches the final destination and handed over to a designated person is considered as “Unaccompanied Minor” by American Airlines.

What is American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy?

According to American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy a child who is of between five (5) years and fourteen (14) years traveling alone will be required to be accompanied through the airport for an additional fee. The American Airlines minor policy however comes with several applicable restrictions and limitations depending on the child’s age and the destination where the child will be finally arriving.

Age restrictions as per unaccompanied minor rules

The eligibility of child seeking unaccompanied minor service for travel on select routes will depend on the age. As per American Airlines’ requirements the child must be at least eight (8) years old for traveling on connecting routes through certain airports. If the child doesn’t meet this age requirement then he/she will be allowed to fly only on nonstop, direct flights. If the child is required to board a connecting flight then he/she will have to be chaperoned through the terminal for making the connection. The rules regarding different applicable ages for unaccompanied minor travel are the following:

Zero (0) to Four (4) Years: American Airlines won’t allow a child between 0-4 years to travel alone, and must be accompanied by an adult passenger.

Five (5) to Seven (7) Years: Unaccompanied minor service provided by American Airlines is required for a child between 5-7 years. The airline also requires gate escort and guardian contact, and will be allowed to board nonstop flights only.

Eight (8) to Fourteen (14) Years: American Airlines requires unaccompanied minor service for a child between 8-14 years, and needs a guardian and gate escort contact. The child will be allowed to board nonstop flights or any connecting flight through Phoenix (PHX), Philadelphia (PHL), Chicago (ORD), Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK and LGA), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Washington (DCA) and Charlotte (CLT).

Fifteen (15) to Seventeen (17) Years: The unaccompanied minor service is optional for a child between 15-17 years. American Airlines however requires a guardian and gate escort contact for the child. The airline will permit the child to board nonstop flights or any connecting flight through Chicago (ORD), New York (JFK and LGA), Charlotte (CLT), Phoenix (PHX), Philadelphia (PHL), Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Washington Reagan, (DCA).

American Airlines will however allow children 2-14 years old to travel as an “accompanied minor” with a passenger who is 16 years or older.

Other applicable restrictions

Unaccompanied minors won’t be allowed by American Airlines to travel alone when their itineraries include the following:

  • A connecting flight on another airline including oneworld and codeshare partners
  • Ground or co-terminal connections where the child will have to be transferred from one local airport to another
  • The last flight of the day from the final connection city (unless it’s the only scheduled flight offered)
  • Overnight connecting flights (unless it’s the only scheduled flight offered)

What is American Airlines unaccompanied minor service fee?

American Airlines unaccompanied minor service fee payable is $150 (plus tax, where applicable) each way. This will be in addition to the ticket price. If additional siblings are traveling on the same flight as unaccompanied minors then the fee of $150 (plus tax, where applicable) each way paid for one will cover two or more siblings.

What facilities unaccompanied minor service offer?

The unaccompanied minor flight service offered by American Airlines will include the following:

  • Early boarding for allowing extra time in order to getting settled and meeting the flight attendants
  • Kids-only lounges offered in American Airlines’ hub cities for flight connections
  • An airport escort for helping the child getting to the gate for flight connections
  • Escorting the child after landing to meet the designated or authorized adult named in the unaccompanied minor form with a matching photo ID for picking up the child Please note that the child should be taught about how to ring the call button for seeking any kind of help as the flight attendants might be busy with their onboard duties and can’t keep a constant watch on the child during the flight.

American Airlines unaccompanied minor booking process

You will need to book unaccompanied minors trips by phone and contacting American Airlines reservations department. Alternatively, you can also call +1-844-392-6060 FlyOfinder AA Phone Number for booking a trip for unaccompanied minors. You will also be required to fill out the unaccompanied minor form whenever arriving at the airport for check-in. You will have to identify the person in the unaccompanied minor form who will be picking up your child at the final destination. The filled out unaccompanied minor for will be carried with the child throughout the entire flight for tracking and identification purposes.

American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy is fairly easy. Your child will safely reach the final destination when flying with American Airlines, and you needn’t worry about the comfort and safety of your little one during the flight till the time he/she arrives at the destination airport and handed over to the authorized person.

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