Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor- A Complete Guideline

Friday, May 07, 2021

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor- A Complete Guideline

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor- A Complete Guideline

If you have come across such a difficult situation where your loved one who is minor to fly unaccompanied with an airline, here is Southwest to get you out from this difficult situation when you have decided your child to fly solo. If your child is more than 5 years old and needs to fly with Southwest Airlines without parents or guardian who is more than 12 years old, you do not need to worry about the safety and security of your child. He/she will be in safe hands of the carrier when flying alone under the program of Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor.

The policy of unaccompanied minor flight varies from airline to airline. The minimum age to fly a child solo is 5 years in almost all major airlines however, the upper age limit differs as per the airlines’ individual policy. Southwest Airlines does not provide unaccompanied minor service to an international flight and connecting domestic flights. You will be able to book flights for unaccompanied minors for direct domestic flights only.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Age Limit

Southwest Airlines allows ages from 5 to 11 unaccompanied minors. If the child is completed 12 years of his/her age will not be considered unaccompanied minor and are allowed to travel alone anywhere he/she wants to fly. Children above age 12 will not be asked to enroll in the program which helps unaccompanied minor travelers. Children above age 12 to 17 are considered young travelers if flying alone. Patents will be responsible for ensuring the young travelers follow the check-in and boarding process in accordance with the standard procedure of the Southwest Airlines. The carrier will not treat them as Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minors.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Booking Process

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied flights can be booked in three ways.

For your convenience you can book flights on the official websites of the Southwest Airlines. You can follow the same way you book a normal flight on the website. When you enter the date of birth of your child it will be prompted with a message whether the child is accompanying someone who is over the age of 12. If you select ‘No’ it will ask you to fill complete details of the child along with some other mandatory information to be provided. When you select ‘Yes’, it will not ask to fill the unaccompanied minor form.

Call the Southwest Airlines customer service number and ask them about the booking process of unaccompanied children travelling alone. You can also call FlyOfinder for booking of Southwest Airlines minor flight booking at +1-571-378-7016 and ask them that the child is travelling alone without any legal guardian or parents.

The carrier also provides a provision of booking flight for Southwest Airlines Minors at the Southwest ticket counter at the airports. Provide the required details to the counter executive.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied fee is $50 for one way and $100 for round trips for domestic direct flight. You can not book a connecting domestic flight or an international flight of Southwest Airlines for minors.

The reservation of the child flying unaccompanied in the plane can be made on the Rapid Reward Award. You just need to inform the reservation representatives about the same, but please be informed that the Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor fee is still to be paid as it is a service charge and must have to be borne by the ticket purchaser.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Refund

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Refund of fee is permissible in the below conditions.

If you cancel the booking and your child does not travel.

If the flight in which a child's reservation is confirmed is cancelled by the airlines due to any operational or administrative reason or sudden change in the climate, and you choose not to rebook the same.

And if your child is joining with someone who is older than 12 years of age, your child will no longer be considered unaccompanied minor, and you can get the refund of unaccompanied minor fee by contacting and updating the airlines.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Flights- Preparation

Keep ready photo identification of the parents or guardians who will drop off and pick-up the child at the origin and destination airport respectively.

Parents need to ensure that the child carries meals if the flight time falls in a meal time. Southwest Airlines does not provide in-flight meal service. They do serve only pretzels in-flight. If a child is carrying any toy device, parents will ensure it is charged enough because the carrier does not provide any outlet for the same.

Parents or guardians are expected to arrive earlier at the origin airport with the child travelling alone so that they have sufficient time to complete the additional formalities required for the Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minors.

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied pick-up and drop-off

Parents or guardians need to arrive at the airport flying from not less than 45 minutes from the departure time. Stop at the Southwest Airlines counter and collect an UM lanyard for your child and escort pass for the parents or guardian. Make sure that all required documents such as travelers booking itinerary, proof of child age or birth certificate, government ID proof of the parents or guardians who came for drop-off. Parents or guardians are not allowed to leave the gate area until the plan seems to be floating in the space. Call the greeting parents or guardian and inform them that the plane has departed so that he/she can ensure his /her availability on time at the destination airport to pick up the child.

Greeting parents or guardians need to follow the same procedure at the destination airport. He/she needs to take an escort pass so that he/she can go through the security check-up process and reach at the arrival gate to pick the child. The unaccompanied child will be deboarded with the representative of the airlines and get handed over to the greeting parents at the arrival gate.

Additional Unaccompanied Minor Information if Flying to Hawaii

There are specific provisions of transportation of animals and plants in Hawaii. A special inspection is made by the authorized persons and a separate animal and plant declaration form to be filled by the guardian in accordance with the rule and regulations of the Hawaii state. The filled in form must be kept with the unaccompanied minor.

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor flight- Important tips

Speak to your child and ask to wear a UM lanyard provided by the airlines around his/her neck all the time during the journey. The child needs to wear the seat belt and follow the instructions of the in-flight supervisor.

All required information must be accurate while providing to the airlines to facilitate smooth transfer of the child to the greeting party.

Do not forget to keep with your photo IDs when you are going to drop-off or pick-up the child.

In case there is a disruption created by the child travelling alone or the greeting person fails to pick up the child upon arrival at the destination airport, Southwest Airlines is authorized to take necessary action that would be suitable at that point in time. The expenses incurred to take such appropriate actions in such a scenario will be reimbursed by the guardian or the purchaser of the tickets of unaccompanied minors.

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