British Airways Unaccompanied Minors Travel Guideline

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

British Airways unaccompanied minors travels

British Airways Unaccompanied Minors Travel Guideline

Travelling always excites us. If you are travelling in a flight with your family, it adds excitement to an extended level. But you might get into a situation where you have to decide whether to let your children fly all alone without you and any guardian accompanying your children in a flight, makes you worrisome and a bit anxious. But you do not need to worry now and let the children fly alone with British Airways. British Airways unaccompanied minors travel guideline will give you peace of mind once you decide your children are flying with British Airways. You must have all the related information with you regarding British Airways unaccompanied minor flights.

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy

British Airways unaccompanied minor policy is brought as a safety guard of the minor children flying alone. This is applicable for those minor travelers who are not accompanied by their parents, legal guardian and with someone who is an adult. This policy is mandatory for those children flying solo with British Airways. British Airways unaccompanied minor policy is age specific and applicable to certain groups of age. Under this policy the child flying solo will be safe and secured from the boarding until handed over to the designated person at the destination airport. The representative of British Airways will take care of your children during their journey so that parents can get peace of mind. The primary concern of the carrier is to provide safe journey to all its passengers specially when it comes to unaccompanied minors. British Airways will take all required steps to make their journey smooth.

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Age

British Airways does not allow a child to fly solo under the age of 5. A child who is less than 5 years of old can fly only when one of his/her parents or guardian is accompanying him/her. Children between ages 5 to 11 are allowed to travel unaccompanied with British Airways however, they have to take the service of British Airways unaccompanied minor policy. Children between ages 12 to 15 will be called Young Passengers by the British Airways. A consent form is to be filled by the parents of the young passengers if they are traveling solo. British Airways unaccompanied minors consent form is mandatory to fill for all unaccompanied minors and for young travelers as well. Children more than 16 years of age are considered an adult and are allowed to fly solo with British Airways. If a child of more than age 5 and less than 11 is flying with someone who is at least 16 years of age and flying on the same linked booking, the minor child will not be considered unaccompanied minor then.

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Booking

There are many airlines which provide options to book flights for unaccompanied minors on their websites too. But you will not have this option available for British Airways unaccompanied flights booking. If you want to make a reservation for your child flying solo with British Airways, you have to contact the airline directly by calling its authorized customer service center number. Unaccompanied flights booking can also be made by calling FlyOfinder at +1-571-378-7016. There are many rules and terms & conditions applicable while making a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, British Airways advise the parents to book the flights for their children through contact center. The carrier has also restricted the number of bookings of unaccompanied children flying alone. One more thing to be kept in mind while planning a trip for unaccompanied minors is that the children traveling alone cannot be accepted by the British Airways if the transfer is between London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports. British Airways unaccompanied minor service is not provided on such journeys where there is a connecting flight or overnight stay is involved.

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Fee

British Airways unaccompanied minor fee depends on the routes that you choose to fly. The unaccompanied minor fee will be an addition to the flight ticketing cost. You will have to pay full flight costs like an adult for an unaccompanied minor too. The Service charge for British Airways unaccompanied minors is $50 per segment/child for short haul routes within the UK. For long haul routes you will have to pay $75 per segment/child for long haul routes. The service fee is to be paid in full at the time of making a reservation for them. Unaccompanied minor service is not available to all its flights. For example: you will not have an option to choose BA001, BA002, BA003 and BA004 for your children flying with British Airways.

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Flight Policy

The parent of the children flying alone has to call at least 48 hours before the flight time to book and inform about the unaccompanied minor. They will need to provide all related information of the journey of unaccompanied minors at the time of booking of the flight. Once you avail the service of British Airways unaccompanied minor policy, the representative of the airline will take care of your loved ones from the check-in point at the origin airport until the child is handed over to the designated person at the destination airport. Once you hand over your children to the representative of the carrier at the airport, you may now not worry about the safety of your children. They are under the supervision of the airlines till they are not handed over to the parent or legal guardian after the end of the journey.

British Airways Unaccompanied Minors check-in and check out

An unaccompanied minor cannot perform the check-in process online. He/she needs to come to the check-in counter of the origin airport with his/her guardian or authorized person. They also need to fill a consent form specifically designed for the unaccompanied minor travelers. Complete details of the child flying solo including name of the child, date of birth, medical record if any, language known, allergic symptom if any. The drop-offs parent also needs to provide complete details of the pick-up parent. All related required documents are also provided to the representative of the airline such as travel documents, passport, documents which may be required at the custom counter etc. The pick-up parent needs to come with the same ID which is mentioned on the consent form by the first party at the originating airport. Once the verification of greeting parent is completed to the best of the satisfactory level of the carrier’s representative, the unaccompanied child will be handed over to him/her. At the originating airport, the drop-off parents are requested to wait at the airport until the flight is in space.

Parents do not need to worry at all if they have decided their children are flying with British Airways. Under the policy of British Airways unaccompanied minor service, your child is safe throughout the journey. From the beginning of the pick- up of the child at the originating airport until the child is handed over to the authorized person at the destination airport, your child is under supervision of British Airways.

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