Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

Monday, May 04, 2020

Planning air travel can sometimes seem to be complicated, especially when some abrupt change occurs due to some personal emergency, traffic delays, a strike or any uncontrolled weather condition. During such situations you may sometimes be forced to cancel your flight.

If you have made Alaska Airlines reservations then there is absolutely nothing to worry. With Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy in place, your cancellation will be taken care of without any hassles.

The customer may be required paying a cancellation fee when the cancellation is done by him/her. However, if the flight has been cancelled by the airline itself due to situations beyond its control then the customers will be compensated.

Let’s know about Alaska Airlines cancellation in detail and how best its policy can be applied to your situation.

Alaska Airlines 24-hour Cancellation

The customers making Alaska Airlines booking are offered flexibility to cancel their flight or make a flight change within 24 hours of purchase without paying any cancellation fees or change fees. However, under Alaska Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy the customers will have pay fare difference or fare increases and taxes applicable to the new itinerary. The customers cancelling their flights within 24 hours of purchase will be provided a full refund.

How to Cancel Alaska Airlines Tickets?

Alaska Airlines cancellation can be done in several ways. This may be done online by the customers through Alaska Airlines official website, calling Alaska Airlines phone number, at the airport ticket counter, or through the OTAs or third-party travel agencies from where the airline’s tickets have been purchased. Alaska Airlines may also cancel flights on its own due to reasons beyond its control for which it compensates the customers.

If the customer doesn’t travel or cancel a ticket before the departure of scheduled flight then the no-show policy will apply to the customer’s reservation by the airline.

Alaska Airlines Online Flight Cancellation

The online cancellation can be done by the customers on Alaska Airlines Official website by visiting the ‘Manage Reservation’ page. The airline will Refund the cost of unused tickets when Alaska Airlines plane tickets are cancelled within 24 hours of the ticket purchase.

Alaska Airlines Ticket Cancellation by Passengers

If the passenger makes the cancellation within 24 hours of the original purchase then Alaska Airlines may refund all refundable tickets in full to the original form of payment within 7 business days on credit card purchases or within 20 business days on cash purchases. However, when the passenger cancels a wholly unused non-refundable ticket then the airline will provide a credit certificate. For each ticket being changed the airline will charge a service fee, in addition to a fare difference on the new booked ticket. If part of a ticket is used by the passenger then the remaining value will be circulated against the flown portions of the trip.

Cancellations by Alaska Airlines on its own

If Alaska Airlines cancels flights on its own, and the cancellation takes place more than 100 miles away from the passenger’s home then hotel accommodations will be offered by the airline to the passenger, which may include single or family hotel rooms and roundtrip ground transportation to an airport-area hotel. If the passenger however decides not to travel due to cancellation or flight delay then he/she can reschedule flight for an alternate day or refund the ticket as per the Alaska airlines refund policy, and the airline will waive the applicable service fees.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Fee

Alaska Airlines cancellation fee depends on the fare purchased by the customer. In addition to cancellation fee, a fare difference will also apply. If the customer makes a new reservation then the customer will also be responsible for any applicable fare increases and taxes to new itinerary.

For cancellation of nonrefundable flight tickets outside of 24-hour cancellation window the airline will charge a $125 cancellation fee per person, in addition to fare difference if any. However, when a new reservation is made by the customer then he/she will be responsible for paying a difference in the ticket price. No cancellations are allowed outside of 24-hour cancellation policy when travelling on Saver fare.

For clarifications and queries on Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy you may kindly contact one of our agents by calling us on our Airlines Reservations Number. We will promptly resolve your travel concerns to the best of satisfaction.

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