Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Flight Policy

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Flight Policy
By Elena Porter
Published May 12, 2021 12:00 AM EST

Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minors are those who are children and flying all alone in a Turkish flight without a parent or a legal guardian or with a person who is an adult, more than 18 years of age are called unaccompanied minor. It is also called ‘separated child’ travelling without a legal guardian.

Due to whatsoever reason when you come in a situation to send your child flying alone in a flight whether it is a domestic flight or an international flight, it is been a subject of concern, and you find yourselves worrisome. Turkish Airlines unaccompanied flight policy is for those travelers who are minor and flying all alone without any legal guardian. Unlike other airlines Turkish Airlines unaccompanied policy is different on the age groups of the children. Most of the airlines consider a child who is more than 5 years of age ‘an unaccompanied minor’ and allow flying under their specific ‘unaccompanied minor program’.

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Age

Turkish Airlines allows flying a child unaccompanied until the child is crossed 7 years of age. A child between 7 and 12 years is considered an unaccompanied minor and the service is mandatory to book Turkish Airlines unaccompanied flight. Children between age 13 to 17 are not considered unaccompanied minors and the availing of the service is optional for them. If they take Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor service, a special protection is given to them as per the policy during the journey. Under the age of 7 is not allowed to travel without a parent/ legal guardian and someone who is 18 years of age and accompanying the child in the flight. The children above 2 years and under 7 years of age are however, can take service of escort facility.

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Booking

Turkish Airlines minors booking are permissible to only those travelers who are between 7 and 12 of age group. A specific form is designed for parents or the purchaser to fill with the mandatory information. It is necessary to inform about the unaccompanied children while making reservation for them. You need to visit the official website of Turkish Airlines and call directly to its call center. You can also get a complete guideline and confirmed reservation for Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor flight by calling at +1-571-378-7016.

Difference between Escort Service and Unaccompanied Minor Service

Escort service is provided to those minor children who are between 2 and 6 years of age. As per Turkish Airlines you have to inform the carrier at least 48 hours before the departure time to avail escort service of your child travelling alone without parent or legal guardian or anyone who is more than 18 years. If your child is more than 2 years and up to 6 years and travelling alone with a Turkish Airlines, you have to take the Turkish Airlines escort service. In this service, the carrier will assign a supervisor who will supervise and assist the child travelling alone and will sit with the child all the time during the journey. A special companion is appointed by the Turkish Airlines to take care of all needs of your child and will travel along with your child. The supervisor will not only help your child before boarding, but also he will sit along with your child in-flight. The appointed supervisor will be experienced, reliable and caring. You have to tell them about the language of the child he/she is comfortable with while you are asking for Turkish Airlines to provide escort service. Please be informed that you have to pay the cost of the supervisor who will travel with your child.

Unaccompanied minor service is for age group between 7 and 12. If a child who is more than 7 years and less than 13 years of age, and travelling alone in a Turkish flight you will be asked to take the service of Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor flight. In this service, the carrier will not appoint a full time supervisor who will sit with your child however, they will monitor your child in-flight with the help of cabin crew. The seating arrangement is done near the cabin crew cabin so that your child can get assistance quicker by the in-flight crew members. The purser is responsible to supervise the child during the journey until he is handed over to the receiving party.

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Flight Fee

Turkish Airlines unaccompanied fee is $150 up to two children for one way. The unaccompanied fee and service charges are subject to change by the airline. You can visit the official website of the airline or call to its customer service numbers.

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Booking Procedure and Documents

Parents or the legal guardians need to fill the unaccompanied form to avail the service. Turkish Airlines allows unaccompanied minor service for international flights along with domestic flights. If it is an international flight, all necessary documents such as children’s passport, travel related documents, tickets and necessary documents may be required at the custom counter. Parents have to ensure all required documents are being carried by the traveler who is flying alone under the supervision of the carrier.

Turkish Airlines expects the guardian or parent to come to the originating airport at least 2 hours before the departure time to get all necessary formalities completed conveniently. There is a special counter is dedicated for unaccompanied minors at Istanbul airport. But at other airports, unaccompanied minors are given priority at the check-in counter. The person who has come to drop off the child needs to wait in the waiting area near the check-in gate until the child is boarded the aircraft is handed over to the purser. At the destination airport, the child will be handed over to the specified person by the purser only after verification of his/her identification. Your child will be handed over only to that party whose is described in the authorization form by the first party.

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minors- Important Guideline

Be careful while mentioning name and contact number of the receiving party with the photo ID details.

Make sure that the receiving party arrives before the arrival time of the plane and does not forget to bring any government photo identity card with him/her.

It is expected that only parents or first degree guardian come to drop off the child at the origin airport and pick-up from the destination airport. If it is not possible then the airline will accept a third who will have notarized authority letter by anyone from his/her parents or by the legal guardian.

Do not make it a worrisome situation when you are allowing your loved ones to fly solo with Turkish Airline. Just avail the service of unaccompanied minor policy of the airline and get peace of mind till your loved ones are not handed over to the greeting person.

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