Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club: Take advantage of cheap airfare and discounts

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Do you travel frequently or even semi-frequently by air? Then you must be surely looking for ways on how to save significantly. Flying with budget carriers is undoubtedly fruitful, and particularly when you make Spirit Airlines reservations for your upcoming travel. Have you ever heard of Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club? If you still haven’t then let it be known that it’s a route for you for tremendous savings.

Know more in detail about Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club and its various benefits. In fact, $9 Fare Club is Spirit Airlines own version of a frequent flyer program and is based on potential savings.

What is Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club?

Spirit Airlines terms $9 Fare Club as a “pretty sweet deal” whose members get exclusive access to some of the airline’s lowest fares available along with discounted prices on bags. The $9 Fare Club members are also offered special deals as well from time to time. The membership results in great savings on overall travel expenses. 

How to join Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club?

Joining the $9 Fare Club is fairly simple, and you will need to fill out the form by visiting Spirit Airlines Official website. The membership cost is only $59.95. The airline automatically renews the membership every year by charging $69.95, unless the member decides to cancel it. The members will be reminded one month before the renewal that their credit card is to be charged. After renewal the $9 Fare Club member will also be updated about their savings benefits.

A 60 day trial membership is also offered for a fee of $19.95. After the end of trail membership the airline will charge the full membership fee of $69.95.

How to use Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club membership?

After having signed up for $9 Fare Club membership you can immediately start to save by booking Spirit Airlines tickets online. The $9 Fare Club pricing options will be displayed on Spirit Airlines website’s Flight Availability page for your travel dates. You will enjoy savings standard bags prices every time you buy bags online.

What are the benefits of Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club?

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club offers several benefits to its members. You can always get cheap tickets being a member. In fact, it has often been found that the tickets are usually $10, $15 or $20 cheaper, each way, than what is charged as a normal ticket price. You will surely make some savings when booking Spirit Airlines flights using this option.

The biggest benefit is the discount on checked baggage as well as carry-on for a Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club member. For getting the cheapest rate bags must be purchased more than 24 hours before scheduled departure. When doing so you will be getting a $9 discount each way for a carry-on bag and a checked bag. Once you check-in online the price increases to $10 per bag each way, but for the $9 Fare Club member it will still be $9 cheaper. For a roundtrip flight one checked bag will cost $60, but a $9 Fare Club member will have to pay $42 only. Similarly, one carry-on bag costs $70 on roundtrip flight, while a $9 Fare Club member will have to pay $52.

How to cancel Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club membership?

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club membership can be easily cancelled by visiting Spirit Airlines website and log in to My Account page. After using Cancel Membership option the airline will also send a confirmation email regarding the cancellation within 24 hours. However, those who cease to be $9 Fare Club members after cancellation won’t get access to the airline’s ultra-low club fares and member-only bag savings. The airline also doesn’t refund or pro-rate the membership after it has been cancelled.

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